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Seminario - From roots to landscape: integrating bio-geophysics with remote sensing to better understand vegetation water stress in agro-ecosystems

Relatore: Dott. Benjamin Mary - Institute of Agricultural Sciences - CSIC Spain I Martedì 9 Aprile - ore 16.30 | Aula Arduino


Water scarcity is a growing challenge in the Mediterranean region that is intensifying with global change as documented by FAO report. Accurate evapotranspiration (ET) estimation using remote sensing (RS) observations is vital for forest and crop irrigation management but faces challenges from cloud cover and landscape complexity. Combining hydrogeophysics with RS observations has the potential to improve our comprehension of vegetation water stress in agro-ecosystems.

During this talk, I'll demonstrate geophysical non-intrusive techniques like electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) and electromagnetic induction mapping (EMI). These methods are used for tracking subsurface water movements and soil characteristics. Furthermore, I'll illustrate how they can improve our modeling capabilities by integrating them with energy and water balance models across various scales.