The PhD course in Geosciences has a duration of three years and the degree can be obtained after having acquired at least 30 credits (180 hours) for training through courses, summer schools and attendance at a minimum of 12 seminars during the three years. The PhD student must also carry out independent and original research, culminating in the writing of the thesis. There are compulsory courses that a doctoral student must take, but the student can also independently create, in agreement with his supervisor, his own Individual Training Plan. You can download the complete educational offer and the individual training plan.

Specific  information on the courses organized  by the Doctoral  course in Geosciences are  provided below (see table):


Teaching activities 2019-2020MandatoryLecturerHoursCFUExpected DateRescheduled to COVID-19 emergencyYear
Seminars (minimum  12  during the three year program) yes 122 three years  
I semester       
EBSD (electron backscatter diffraction)  Prof. Richard Spiess (Univ. Padova)122October 29-30 2019
ABC Bibliographic Research in GeosciencesyesDr. Cecilia Furlani (CAB - Univ. Padova) 101,7October 30 - November 13 2019
Chemometrics: Multivariate AnalysisyesRiccardo Leardi (Univ. Genova)305November 18-21 2019
II semester       
The PhD student in the research world: Part IyesProf. Giulio Di Toro (Univ. Padova)122April - MayPostponed to September - October2020
The PhD student in the research world: Part IIyesProf. Fabrizio Nestola (Univ. Padova)  61May - June Postponed to September - October2020
Scientific English for Ph.D. Geosciences StudentsyesProf. Monica Borg (Univ. Birmingham)203,3May - June May27/June 272020
Matlab for Students in Geosciences Prof. Lapo Boschi (Univ. Padova)203,3May - June May 12/June 122020
Introduction to time series analysis in Geosciences Prof. Nicola Cenni (Univ. Padova) 122June June 30 - July 92020
X-rays based methods in chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, material sciences and engineering various lecturers244September 17-24 2020 
Teaching activities 2020-2021       
I semester       
EBSD (electron backscatter diffraction)  Prof. Richard Spiess (Univ. Padova)122October 2020
ABC della ricerca bibliografica per le geoscienzeyesDr. Cecilia Furlani (CAB unipd)101,7October - November 2020

The PhD student in the Research world


Prof. Di Toro Giulio 

Prof. Nestola Fabrizio

183October - November  2020
Chemometrics: Experimental DesignyesProf. Riccardo Leardi (Univ. Genova)305November 2020