Teaching activities 2018-2019MandatoryLecturerHoursCFUDateYear
Seminars (minimum  12  during the three year program)  122 three years 
EBSD (electron backscatter diffraction)  Richard Spiess122October 3-42018
ABC Bibliographic Research in GeosciencesyesCecilia Furlani 40,7October 312018
Chemometrics: Experimental DesignyesRiccardo Leardi (Univ. Genova)203,3November 19-222018
The PhD student in the research world: Part IyesGiulio Di Toro122April 29- May 142019
The PhD student in the research world: Part IIyesFabrizio Nestola  61June 172019
Scientific English for Ph.D. Geosciences StudentsyesMonica Borg (Univ. Birmingham)203,3May 15- June202019
Matlab for Students in Geosciences Lapo Boschi203,3May 28 -June  19 2019
Introduction to time series analysis in Geosciences Nicola Cenni 122June 20-27 2019
Gravimetric methods in subsoil exploration Alberto Casas (Univ. Barcelona)101,7May 6-102019
EBSD (electron backscatter diffraction)  Richard Spiess122October2018
ABC della ricerca bibliografica per le geoscienzeyesCecilia Furlani (CAB unipd)6-81October-November2019
Chemometrics: Multivariate AnalysisyesRiccardo Leardi (Univ. Genova)203,3November2019
Time series analysis for paleoclimatic applicationsto be confirmedLinda Hinnov (Johns Hopkins)122November2019
More details on the courses and the  final schedule  of the II semester 2018/2019 are available here