Personale docente

Massimiliano Ghinassi

Professore associato confermato


Indirizzo: VIA G. GRADENIGO, 6 - PADOVA . . .

Telefono: 0498279181

Fax: 0498279111


- 2000 MS, Earth Sciences, University of Florence (advisor Prof. M. Sagri)
- 2004 PhD, Earth Sciences, University of Siena (advisor Prof. A. Lazzarotto)
- 2005-2006 Postdoctoral fellow, Earth Sciences, University of Florence
- 2006-2007 Postdoctoral fellow, Earth Sciences, University of Padova
- 2007 Assistant Professor, Department of Geosciences, University of Padova
- 2015 Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences, University of Padova

- facies analysis and stratigraphy of siliciclastic systems
- linking morphodynamics of fluvial and tidal meanders with sedimentary features of related point bars
- late Holocene sedimentary record of the Venice Lagoon
- depositional dynamics of Precambrian rivers
- tectono-sedimentary evolution of extensional basins of the East Africa Rift


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• Nalin R., Ghinassi M., Foresi L. M. & Dallanave E. Stratigraphic expression of a pulse of carbonate deposition across restricted basins of the Central Mediterranean (Piacenzian, Northwestern Apennines). Journal of Sedimentary Research. In press

• Bianchi V., Ghinassi M., Aldinucci M., Boaga J., Brogi A., & Deiana R. (2015). Tectonically driven deposition and landscape evolution within upland incised valleys: Ambra Valley fill, Pliocene–Pleistocene, Tuscany, Italy. Sedimentology, , 62, 897-927.
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