Seminar ”Career Workshop" - The role of the geologist in the design field

Speaker: Dott. Geol. Pietro Buiatti - F & M Ingegneria - Mirano (VE) | Tuesday 5 March 2024 – ore 4,30 PM | Arduino Classroom


Currently we are increasingly surrounded by works and constructions that range from the most complex structures to the simplest, so much so that they can be defined as almost “ordinary”. Perhaps the habit of crossing a bridge or entering in a building, for those unfamiliar with the design sector, often leads to underestimate or not considering the difficulties faced during the design phase of the aforementioned works.

Technical design is a fascinating but also complex world, bringing with it technical but also administrative difficulties. This seminar will offer a moment of discussion for all those interested in learning more about the field of planning and in particular the role of the geologist in this multidisciplinary activity, both in the private and in the public sector.

This in-depth analysis will be carried out by professional geologist Pietro Buiatti, head of the Geology sector of F&M Engineering. After a brief presentation of the different activities led by the company, the typical work flow of the design of a work will be described, also at the light of the most significant reference law references. Furthermore, some examples of projects carried out in different areas of intervention will be briefly reported.