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The Library of the Department of Geosciences makes part of Polo Bibliotecario of the faculty of Sciences, Pharmacology, and Pharmaceutical Science of University of Padova. 

Director: Prof. Cristina Stefani

Coordinator: Prof. Paolo Nimis 
Contact: Cecilia Furlani (tel. 049-8279103)


Matteo Cefis (tel. 049-8279103)

Lorenzino Faccioli (tel. 049-8279102)

Nicolo` Bezzon (tel. 049-8279103)

Marina Zannoni (tel. 049-8279102)

Elia Sartor (tel. 049-8279102)


Address: via G. Gradenigo, 6 - 35131 Padova (Italy)

fax: 049.8279102