Acquiring "Even Better" Seismic Data - Workshop in memory of Dr. Lorenzo Petronio

17th November 2022 - 4.30 Pm - Room Arduino


After some months that Lorenzo Petronio has unexpectedly passed away, former professor of the Master's Degree in “Geophysics for Natural Risks and Resources”, colleagues and friends remember his activity with a workshop about some of the topics he contributed to develop.

Acquiring even better seismic data… for environmental change studies in polar areas from south (part I) to north (part II)

      • Part I - L. Petronio, S. Rintoul, N. Wardell, M. Lipizer, S. Kim, J. K. Hong, E. Colizza, D. Cotterle, R. Geletti, A. Bergamasco, F. Accaino, L. Facchin, V. Kovacevic, L. De Santis
      • Part II - L. Petronio, F. Accaino, J. Boaga, R. Romeo, W. Wheeler, G. Rossi

“Acquiring even better seismic data… for seismic site response analysis and microzonation studies”

L. Petronio, L. Baradello, L. Minarelli, G. Boehm, A. Affatato, A. Barbagallo, G. Cristofano, D. Sorgo, L. Martelli, C.G. Lai, V. Poggi

“Acquiring even better seismic data…for smart cities”

L. Petronio, B. Petrovic, S. Parolai

“Acquiring even better seismic and hydrographic data for port management”

L. Petronio, M. Deponte