Applied mineralogy, petrography and geophysics

Applied geosciences: knowledge based on geosciences is important to a number of societal and industrial issues. Research at UNIPD supports investigation on cultural heritage materials, industrial recycling and life cycle assessment of materials, technological innovation in raw materials processing, waste inertization and land reclamation, among others. The goal is to help society to face urgent issues such as a better exploitation of natural resources, including water, and move quickly towards the zero-waste EU goal.

Some of the ongoing research within the Program "Applied mineralogy, petrography and geophysics" includes:

  • Ancient materials, archaeometry, cultural heritage (contacts: Gilberto Artioli, Lara Maritan, Claudio Mazzoli, Alberta Silvestri).

-  Advanced characterization of archaeological and art materials

Diagnosis and restoration of architectural structures and materials

Archaeological/architectural survey by geophysical methods

  • Industrial materials (contacts: Gilberto Artioli, Maria Chiara Dalconi, Lara Maritan, Claudio Mazzoli. Gabriella Salviulo, Luca Valentini).

Research on recycling, transformation and re-use of industrial wastes

Stabilization of contaminated soils

Development and optimization of energy efficient binders and cements with low carbon footprint

  • Geophysics (contacts: Jacopo Boaga, Giorgio Cassiani).