Ph.D. research projects 2020



Evolution and expansion of resin production in the early Mesozoic: evidence from Triassic amber and the world's oldest bioinclusions from Northern and Southern Pangaea

(Proposers: Prof. Manuel Rigo, Prof. Jeffrey Stiwell, Dr. Guido Roghi)

Tectonic control on enhanced geogenic Radon as a first order factor in Radon hazard assessment

(Proposer: Prof. Raffaele Sassi) 


The Equilibrium Line Altitude (ELA) in the southern fringe of the Alps during the Last Glacial Maximum

(Proposers: Prof. Paolo Mozzi, Dr. Giovanni Monegato, Prof. Matteo Spagnolo)


Flood hazard in mountain streams: the key role of geomorphic processes during high magnitude events

(Proposer: Prof. Nicola Surian)

Effect of microclimate conditions on stone deterioration: implications on vulnerability assessment of cultural heritage and potential impact of climate change

(Proposer: Prof. Claudio Mazzoli)


Geological mapping and 3D geo-modelling of planetary surfaces

(Proposer: Prof. Matteo Massironi)

Past excess CO2 worlds: biota responses to extreme warmth and ocean acidification during the Late Cretaceous-Eocene

(Proposers: Prof Eliana Fornaciari and Prof. Luca Giusberti)

Integrated analysis of rockslides in the geodynamic active setting of the Pre-Alps

(Proposer: Prof. Dario Zampieri) 

The latest Miocene-early Pliocene biogenic bloom: duration, causes and paleoceanographic implications

(Proposers: Prof. Claudia Agnini; Prof. Laia Alegret)

Integrated monitoring and modelling approaches for better assessment of structural response to natural hazards

(Proposers: Prof. Francesca Da Porto)


Geothermal energy potential of urban heat islands (GEO-URB) 

(Proposers: Dr. Eloisa Di Sipio, Prof. Antonio Galgaro)