Ph.D. research projects 2019


Crustal melting: working with melt inclusions

(Proposers: Prof. Bernardo Cesare, Dr. Omar Bartoli)

Crustal melting: working with enclaves

(Proposers: Prof. Bernardo Cesare, Dr. Fabio Ferri, Dr. Omar Bartoli)


Broad-band Time-Reversal Seismology

(Proposers: Prof. Lapo Boschi, Dr. Irene Molinari, Prof. Piero Poli)

Characterization and modelling of calcined clays for sustainable development

(Proposers: Dr. Luca Valentini, Dr. Maria Chiara Dalconi)

Advanced differential interferometry and geological data: integration of subsoil architecture, surface morphology, climate data and anthropic factors to detect deformation patterns in alluvial plains affected by subsidence

(Proposers: Prof. Mario Floris)

Linking discharge variability to sedimentary products in the meandering Powder River (Montana, USA)

(Proposers: Prof. Massimiliano Ghinassi, Dr. John A. Moody)


Hyperspectral and close range remote sensing of fault mineralization and phreatomagmatic systems

(Proposer: Prof. Matteo Massironi)

Geological mapping and 3D geo-modelling of planetary surfaces

(Proposer: Prof. Matteo Massironi)

Structure, evolution and deformation mechanism in seismogenic faults in the continental crust

(Proposers: Giulio Di Toro (Università degli Studi di Padova), Giorgio Pennacchioni (Università degliStudi di Padova), Elena Spagnuolo (INGV Rome), Jose Cembrano (Pontifical Catholic University ofChile), Thomas Mitchell (University College London) )