Ph.D. research projects 2018


Ground motion seismic monitoring by the use of distributed low cost sensors 

(Proposer:  Dr. Jacopo Boaga) 

Advanced differential interferometry and geological data: integration of subsoil architecture, surface morphology, climate data and anthropic factors to detect deformation patterns in alluvial planes affected by subsidence 

(Proposer:  Prof. Mario Floris)

Fluvial and tidal meanders of the Holocene Venetian Po Plain: from morphodynamics to stratigraphy 

(Proposer:  Prof. Massimiliano Ghinassi, Prof. Andrea D'Alpaos)  funded by Progetti di Eccellenza CARIPARO 2017

Fish fauna paleobiodiversity during the Late Cretaceous and Paleogene CO2 greenhouse crises: the Fossil-Lagerstätten record of northeastern Italy 

(Proposer:  Prof. Luca Giusberti)   

Linking discharge variability to sedimentary products in the meandering Powder River (Montana, USA) 

(Proposer:  Prof. Massimiliano Ghinassi,  John A. Moody, Prof. Andrea D'Alpaos)  

Novel analytical diagnostics applied to human osteological remains for anthropological-molecular, archaeometric, and conservation research 

(Proposers: Prof. Gilberto Artioli, Dr. Luca Pagani, Dr. Christiana Lyn Scheib)  


Micro- and Macro-scale geodynamic modelling of convergent margins

(Proposer: Prof. Manuele Faccenda) funded by NEWTON project (ERC StG 2017)


Three-dimensional modelling of mantle convection in a mechanically anisotropic mantle 

(Proposer: Prof. Manuele Faccenda)

Characterization and modelling of calcined clays for sustainable development

(Proposer: Luca Valentini; Co-proposer: Maria Chiara Dalconi)

Geological mapping and 3D geo-modelling of planetary surfaces 

(Proposer:  Prof.  Matteo Massironi)

Hyperspectral and close range remote sensing of fault mineralization and phreatomagmatic systems

(Proposer: Prof. Matteo Massironi) 

Geomorphic response to floods: from process understanding to hazard assessment

(Proposer: Prof. Nicola Surian)

Sediment transport during extreme flood events

(Proposer: Prof. Nicola Surian)

Are calcareous phytoplankton affected by the onset of the Antarctica ice-sheet at the Eocene – Oligocene transition?

(Proposer: Prof. Claudia Agnini)


Peering into the deep Earth through diamonds

(Proposer: Prof. Paolo Nimis; Co-proposer: Prof. Fabrizio Nestola)

Tectonic control on enhanced geogenic Radon as a first order factor in Radon hazard assessment

(Proposer: Prof. Raffaele Sassi)

Geology, mechanics and numerical modelling of complex earthquake ruptures in the continental crust

(Proposer: Prof. Giulio Di Toro)

Mechanism of formation of slip surfaces in carbonate-built rocks: seismic  faulting vs. deep-seated gravitational slope deformation

(Proposer: Prof. Giulio Di Toro)

Assessing the seismic coupling of compressional faults of italian peninsula

(Proposer: Dr. Nicola Cenni; Co-proposer Dr. Michele M. C. Carafa)

Crustal melting: working with enclaves

(Proposers: Prof. Bernardo Cesare, Dr. Fabio Ferri, Dr. Omar Bartoli)

Crustal melting: working with melt inclusions

(Proposers: Prof. Bernardo Cesare, Dr. Omar Bartoli)

Geomorphological hazard and water stores controlled by the alpine cryosphere in the Eastern Italian Alps

(Proposers: Dr. Antonio Galgaro, Dr. Luca Carturan, Prof. Alberto Carton)

Development and optimization of Underground Thermal Energy Storage Systems

(Proposer: Dr. Antonio Galgaro)


Development and application field observations and predictive models of the dynamics of landforms in the Venice lagoon in response to environmental change and the operation of the MOSE system

(Proposers: Prof. Andrea D'Alpaos, Prof. Marco Marani) funded by CIMOLA


Development and application of remote sensing observations to monitor erosional and morphological dynamics in the Venice lagoon

(Proposers: Prof. Andrea D'Alpaos, Dr. Fantina Madricardo, Prof. Marco Marani) funded by CIMOLA


Where do tidal channels begin (or end)?

(Proposer: Prof. Andrea D'Alpaos)


Past excess CO2 worlds: biota responses to extreme warmth and ocean acidification during the Late Cretaceous-Eocene

(Proposer: Prof. Eliana Fornaciari)

The Early-Middle Pleistocene transition: a central Mediterranean perspective

(Proposer: Prof. Luca Capraro)


The 10Be/9Be ratio in Neogene marine sediments: a proxy of the Earth megnetic field or a history of climate, sedimentation and ocean circulation?

(Proposer: Prof. Luca Capraro)

Lateglacial glaciers in the southern Eastern Alps

(Proposers: Prof. Paolo Mozzi and Prof. Silvana Martin)

Geoarchaeology of coastal transitional geomorphic systems

(Proposers: Prof. Paolo Mozzi and Prof. Alessandro Fontana)

Paleofloods in large alluvial systems

(Proposers: Prof. Alessandro Fontana and Prof. Paolo Mozzi)


Climate change impact on groundwater

(Proposers: Dr. Leonardo Piccinini,Prof. Paolo Fabbri)