Programmi di Ricerca

Research in Geosciences encompasses a wide spectrum of subjects, ranging from the secrets of the Deep Earth to the management and exploitation of georesources, such as groundwater and oil.
We are committed to stand up in the international scientific competition by improving common knowledge in studies of rocks, tectonics, past climates, geomaterials and natural hazards.

Current research projects at the DG can be grouped into four main Programs, as follows:

Deep Earth

Deep Earth 

Disclosing the secrets of the Earth’s interior: from the genesis of crystal lattice to the buildup of mountain belts. What have remote satellite observations to do with fossil earthquakes and igneous rocks?

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Sediment systems, Past Life and Deep Time

Sediment systems, Past Life and Deep Time

Sedimentary rocks and their fossil content: a key to unravel the history of our planet and the origins of life as we know it. Wonder how past climate changes affected sedimentation and life on Earth ?

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Programme 3

Applied mineralogy, petrography and geophysics

Applied material sciences: probing deep into the very structure of ancient artifacts and modern cements. How to employ cutting edge instrumentation for the study of past raw materials and for pushing innovation in binders’ technology.

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Programme 4

Geological and hydrogeological hazards

Mitigation of natural hazards and exploitation of renewable resources: getting human development and natural environment to balance in an ever-changing world.

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