Geothermal energy studies in Venetian Prealps (Valle del Chiampo area, Vicenza - NE ITALY)

(Proposer: Dr. Antonio Galgaro)


Advanced differential interferometry and geological data: integration of subsoil architecture, surface morphology, climate data and anthropic factors to detect deformation patterns in alluvial plains affected by subsidence

(Proposers: Dr. Mario Floris/ Dr. Alessandro Fontana)


Deep earth Volatiles Cycle: processes, fluxes and deep mantle metasomatization

(Proposer: Dr. Manuele Faccenda)

The growth of the southern Andean Chain: a source-to-sink approach 

(Proposer: Prof. Massimiliano Zattin)

Solidification/Stabilization of clayey sediments contaminated by heavy metals 

(Proposer: Dr. Maria Chiara Dalconi)

Laboratory investigation of CO2-rich fluid injection and induced seismicity in basaltic reservoirs 

(Proposer: Prof. Giulio Di Toro)

Carbon in Large Igneous Province Basalts 

(Proposer: Prof. Andrea Marzoli)

Geochronological constraints on mega-eruptive pulses in the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP) 

(Proposer: Prof. Andrea Marzoli)

Where do Tidal Channels begin (or end)? 

(Proposer: Prof. Andrea D'Alpaos, Prof. Massimiliano Ghinassi)

Geomorphic response to floods: from process understanding to hazard assessment 

(Proposer: Prof. Nicola Surian)

Past excess CO2 worlds: biota responses to extreme warmth and ocean acidification during the late Cretaceous-Eocene 

(Proposer: Dr. Luca Giusberti)

Surface wave velocity and attenuation in 3D media 

(Proposer: Prof. Giorgio Cassiani)

Dissolution kinetics and interface Dynamics of industrial Silicates 

(Proposer: Dr. Luca Valentini)

The 10Be/9Be ratio in Neogene marine sediments: a proxy of the Earth’s magnetic field or a history of climate, sedimentation and ocean circulation?

(Proposer: Dr. Luca Capraro)

Recycling organic industrial waste in the brick production: effects on petrophysical properties and durability of new bricks

(Proposer: Prof. Claudio Mazzoli)

Sustainability assessment of geothermal exploitation by numerical modeling

(Proposer: Dr. Leonardo Piccinini)

Preservation of continental succession in mountain basis

(Proposer: Prof. Cristina Stefani)

The sedimentary evolution of the Venetian plain during the last two climatic cycles

(Proposer: Prof. Cristina Stefani, Dr. Paolo Mozzi)

Shallow geothermal systems numerical modeling through a holistic approach: the Canton Ticino (CH) test site

(Proposer: Dr. Antonio Galgaro)

Calcareous nannoplankton: a tool to understand the consequences of ocean acidification

(Proposer: Prof. Claudia Agnini)